New Shape Inspires Kelly Osbourne's Wardrobe

The now-size two DWTS contestant says her fiancé doesn't notice her weight loss

Photo: Dara Kushner/INF

Kelly Osbourne is on Cloud Nine – and not just because she beat out Aaron Carter to advance to the semifinals of Dancing with the Stars.

“I am wearing a size two,” the pixie-haired blonde, 25, told PEOPLE last week at Swatch’s 26th charity anniversary party in Times Square.

Her newly slim body even caused a fashion emergency just hours before the event.

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“My mum went shopping for me because I didn’t have time and she bought back everything in a size four, ” say the DWTS star. “I was like, ‘Mum, none of it fits. What am I going to do?’ I had to get up so early this morning and go shopping before even heading to practice with Louis [van Amstel, her dancing partner on the show].”

But the best part of being fit and less-than-full-figured? The fact that her fiancé, Luke Worrall, doesn’t notice a change at all.

“You know what is so special about Luke?” she says. “Even though I have lost weight, he doesn’t even see it. It’s not about that [weight] with him. I go, ‘Luke, look at how much weight I have lost.’ And he goes, ‘You look the same to me.’ You know, when you love someone, I don’t think you notice that [weight].”

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