Amazon’s Most-Reviewed Face Masks Are Breathable, Stretchy, and Only $4 Each

Shoppers say they can comfortably wear them for hours
By Christina Butan
September 03, 2020 08:00 PM
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If you’ve done any cloth face mask shopping on Amazon, you’ve probably noticed the retailer has thousands of options available (200,000, to be exact). While shoppers have plenty of positive things to say about the best-selling masks on the site, there’s one set of masks from brand New Republic that has racked up over 10,000 reviews — making them the most-reviewed on Amazon.

The New Republic face masks are made by a men’s footwear label based in Los Angeles and were released on Amazon in early April. Made from two layers of 100 percent cotton, the masks are available in all-black as a pack of three. They have stretchy rayon ear loops and come in both regular and extra large sizes.

Shoppers call the masks a “great bargain” and say they can wear them for a “significant amount of time” thanks to how easy they are to breathe in.

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Buy It! New Republic Face Masks, 3 Pack, $12;

“Soft and well made. Stretchy enough to adjust but fits close without being uncomfortable,” one customer wrote. “I am a health care professional and wear a surgical mask all day. I can't wear this one at work, but it is great for after work.”

Customers who have smaller faces also note that the New Republic masks fit comfortably without any gaps and don’t fog up their glasses.

Another shopper wrote: “I work at a restaurant so I have to wear a mask for hours on end. This mask isn't so bad and I don't mind wearing it for hours… I find these masks 10000000000x more comfortable than wearing a disposable mask, which feels like sandpaper on my face and ears. These are comfy for face masks.”

The best part? The price can’t be beat. You’re getting three for $12, which means each New Republic mask comes out to just $4 each