Nail Salon Apologizes After Denying Service to Woman Because She Weighs Over 250 Lbs.

A South Carolina nail salon has apologized after a woman was told she could not get a pedicure because she weighed over 250 lbs., Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

A South Carolina nail salon is making amends after they turned away a woman because she weighed over 250 lbs.

Amanda Wolfenbarger went to Nail Spa in Conway, South Carolina for a pedicure, and said a man took her over to a chair and had her soak her feet for ten minutes before returning and asking how much she weighed.

“It was embarrassing,” Wolfenbarger told WMBF News. “You get that knot in your stomach and your heart drops a little bit.”

After she told him her weight, Wolfenbarger said he pointed to a sign that stated, “We are not accepting any person over 250 lb. for pedicure service, sorry!”

“Why even sit me?” she questioned afterwards. “There’s a more tactful way of approaching someone and he could have explained it at the counter.”


PEOPLE has reached out to Nail Spa for comment.

According to WMBF, Tina Bui, the owner of Nail Spa, was immediately apologetic and talked to Wolfenbarger in the parking lot. Bui said that the policy is in place because the chairs have a weight limit, and they want their customers to be able to safely sit in the chair.

“[I’m] sorry that happened today and made my customer [who] came to my nail shop unhappy and hurt her feelings,” Bui said. “I tried to say sorry … that happened to her. But something if I can do, I’m really happy to do.”

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Crystal Smith, another Nail Spa customer, offered to remake the signs.

“It was inappropriate how it had been placed on there … it was actually in a rude manner,” she said.

But she said Bui wants to do the right thing.

“Tina feels horrible about the way it was addressed to her, but she has looked into other chairs from different companies for higher weight limits,” Smith said.

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