With her husband Brian out of a job, Haleigh is feeling overwhelmed with the bills
Credit: TLC

My Giant Life‘s Haleigh Hampton is learning the hard way that marriage sometimes changes a relationship.

“Everyone did tell us that the first year of marriage would be the hardest and everyone was right. The Bryan that I’m married to now is not the same one I was dating, and it’s tough,” Hampton says in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode.

With little time to spend together, the 6’7″ Hampton and her 5’8″ husband, Bryan Carvalho decided to turn a chore – doing the laundry – into date night.

“First year of marriage has been tough, especially financially, so this is the best we can do with the time we have, and get a little of the chores done and also get to hang out,” Hampton says.

Their financial troubles started when Carvalho left his job.

“Right now the biggest stress in our relationship is that Bryan is officially out of a full-time job,” Hampton explains. “He stepped down so he could pursue a more full-time position, and so we’re kind of in this mix of like, trying to figure out where the next rent check is going to come from, and we’re faithful that something is going to come up, but it’s definitely a tension.”

“Now that Bryan is unemployed I definitely feel the weight of it and more pressure to work multiple jobs, or were not going to make our rent, we’re not going to make our bills.”

But both agree that it was a good move, even if they’re struggling to make ends meet.

“I mean I know its tough and there’s pressure to just get a job because you can,” she tells Carvalho. “I don’t want you to just get a job to pay the bills, I do want you to be fulfilled and love your job”

“I don’t want to have to work three jobs and never see each other,” he adds.

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Hampton thinks she feels more of the stress as a nature of her personality.

“I would say I’m more concerned about making ends meet,” she says. “Bryan has this happy-go-lucky presence about him, of like, ‘It’s going to work out, God’s going to provide, we’re going to figure it out,’ and I’m like, ‘We have this bill and this bill, and this bill due, and we only have this much money.’ I’m the worry-wart for sure.”

“Were just figuring this out, figuring out what it means to be married emotionally, spiritually and financially, and it takes a minute to figure out, you know,” Carvalho says.