In an exclusive clip from My 600-Lb. Life, Tamy Murrell attempts to do the laundry on her own

By People Staff
March 07, 2018 02:25 PM

Although Tamy Murrell is determined to become more independent, at 591 lbs., she struggles with her body’s limitations.

The 45-year-old is trapped in a loveless marriage because her husband James is the only one who will care for her and their teenaged son, Zachary. She turns to food for comfort and has become isolated from the outside world.

In an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life, Murrell, who is shown a few weeks away from her scheduled weight loss surgery, realizes she needs to become “more independent” after meeting with her therapist.

In her quest to start doing things on her own, Murrell decides to do the laundry.

“Who would think that just being about to do a load of laundry would be such a big accomplishment but, it is for me and I’m excited to do this,” she says as she loads clothes into the washing machine. “Especially since James is leaving soon and it’s just going to be me and Zachary.”

But on her way back from the laundry room, Murrell begins breathing heavily and holding the wall for support. She finally has to rest, and sits down in the hallway with her back against the wall, eyes closed.

At this point, a producer off-camera becomes concerned and asks Murrell if she is okay and if she needs a nurse. When Murrell can hardly muster up a response, the producer can be heard saying she’s going to call emergency.

Zachary then comes down the hall to help his mother, who is now laying on the floor.  Morrell says she “is going to need help up” and that she “needs a minute because [her] hands are numb.”

With the assistance of her son and a chair for “stability,” Murrell is finally able to get off the floor. James also comes to her aid and holds onto her arm as she makes it back into the apartment.

“I’m dizzy and my hands are numb,” says Murrell as she sits in a chair.

“Next time have somebody with you,” James says has he places a cold washcloth on her forehead. “Next time you could pass out and nobody will be there.”

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