Mom Who Weightlifted Throughout Her Pregnancy Shows Off Her Toned Abs 10 Weeks After Giving Birth

Inger Houghton lifted weights around her pregnant belly, all the way to nine months

Photo: Caters News

At nine months pregnant, Inger Houghton was impressing – and terrifying – her followers on Instagram as she lifted weights around her baby belly. Now, three months post-partum, she’s showing off her toned tummy.

“I stayed active for my entire pregnancy,” Houghton, 31, tells Caters News Agency. “I didn’t train as often or as hard as before of course, but I would have gone mad if I couldn’t do anything for nine months.”

“Luckily I had a good pregnancy without any major problems, so it didn’t feel like a struggle to keep active.”

And she certainly did keep up her fitness, doing everything from deadlifts to kettlebell swings to pull-ups with her soon-to-be daughter Kaia along for the ride, though her growing belly did make it tougher.

“I felt a big change in my balance as my belly grew, and obviously doing pull-ups with 14 kg. extra was a bit harder,” Houghton says.

But the trainer, who co-owns the Scandinavian Health & Performance center in Dubai with her husband, Ian, pushed through for her and the baby’s health.

“My focus was to maintain my fitness level as much as possible,” Houghton says. “I was prepared to gain weight, as this is an important part of lots of pregnancies, but I wanted to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. Being strong would help me cope with the changes the pregnancy made to my body, and also prepare me for giving birth.”

But she wasn’t always active during her pregnancy – Houghton still listened to what her body and the baby needed.

“There is no doubt that growing a baby inside you can be hard, so some days the sofa won over the gym,” she says.

And while she heard criticism for working out during her pregnancy, she also had people pointing out that she was putting on weight.

“I gained weight very quickly in the beginning. I didn’t look pregnant, only bigger than I used to, and this wasn’t as fun when you have a lot of people ‘watching’ through social media.”

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But after Houghton had baby Kaia on Dec. 3, she soon dropped the 14 kilograms, or around 30 lbs., she had gained during the pregnancy.

“After giving birth I lost 11 kilos in 11 days, and it almost went quicker than I wanted,” she admits. “I lost a lot of muscle mass as well and I didn’t recognize my body. It was a very weird experience.”

And she certainly made room for sweet treats.

“We had our daughter right around Christmas so I ate a lot of chocolate and still lost weight – I wish it always could be like that.”

And these days, she’s still a gym rat, but she focuses on spending time with her daughter.

“Going to the gym was, and still is my favourite hobby, so I would do this every day if I could,” Houghton says. “Now the days when I don’t have time for the gym, I take our daughter for a walk with the stroller.”

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