Mom Welcomes Her First Child at Age 50 After Dealing with Fibroids: 'Miracle Baby'

Susie Troxler and her husband Tony, who is 61, were told by multiple doctors before getting pregnant that between their age and health issues, "there was not going to be a baby"

Susie and Tony Troxler with their baby
Susie and Tony Troxler with their daughter Lily. Photo: WFMY News 2

A North Carolina wife and husband are celebrating their "miracle baby" after welcoming their first child at ages 50 and 61.

Susie and Tony Troxler wed in 2008, "later in life," but had "just assumed we would get pregnant like most people," she told WFMY News.

But then "one year turned into two, then three, and we were doing so many things that we honestly didn't notice it at first," said Susie.

"But when it got to be nine, 10, 11 years, we were like, something is up, and we're not sure what it is," she continued.

The Troxlers started to see fertility specialists to determine what was going on, and found that most doctors wouldn't even attempt to help a 50-year-old woman conceive, particularly with the couple's preexisting health conditions.

"I had a boatload of uterine fibroids," Susie said. "I was too old, and Tony had some medical issues, and between the two of us, there was not going to be a baby."

"They always said it nicely, but bottom line, when you take away all of the official medical jargon, it was a no! They said, 'it's not happening, so you're going to need a whole lot of help,'" she added.

But the couple, who both work in medicine, finally found an OB-GYN, Dr. Carolyn Harraway-Smith, who was willing to help. "And that was the beginning of everything," Susie said.

First, she underwent surgery in Jan. 2019 to remove her fiberoids, and then egg retrevials in 2020. They had planned to start the IVF process that year, but were delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and once they did begin implanting the fertilized eggs, the first few didn't take.

"None of that worked, and we were down to our last embryo," Susie said. That was in February, and amazingly, it worked.

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"They bring me into the ultrasound, and the first thing they said was, 'Oh, she's moving!' And she was a teeny little thing in there! But I was like, 'Yes!' " Susie said.

And on Sept. 29, Lily Antonia Troxler arrived, weighing 5 lb. 12 oz.

"Before she was even born, she had me wrapped around her pinky," Tony said. "I love her so much. Every time I look at her, sometimes I find myself just staring at her. It's amazing!"

"We are thrilled. Sleep-deprived, but totally beyond worth it," Susie said. "She really is the miracle baby."

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