Latesha Bynum, a mom of two from New York City, died Thursday, two weeks after getting butt implants

Credit: Source: Latesha Bynum/Facebook

A mom of two died of toxic butt implants, her family says.

Latesha Bynum of Harlem, New York went to a Manhattan doctor for butt implants on July 15, and became fatally sick soon after, according to CBS New York.

Bynum, 31, went to the hospital that night, her brother Tymel says, and was put on life support.

“After the procedure, something was wrong with my sister. I think her feet and stuff was blue,” Tymel told CBS New York. “She went to the hospital and couldn’t breathe and whatever was in her went to her head. She was brain dead and she had zero chance to basically come back from it.”

New York’s ABC7 reports that she went to a residential apartment building — not a plastic surgeon’s office, for the procedure.

But her brother, Tymel, says that licensed doctors performed the procedure.

“They had their licenses,” Tymel told CBS New York. “They’re supposed to know what they [are] doing, such a tragic incident.”

“They killed my sister,” he told ABC7.

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After 12 days, Latesha’s family decided to take her off of life support on Thursday, and she died shortly after. She leaves behind two daughters, ages 13 and 8.

The New York City Medical Examiner’s office, along with the police, are looking into her death.

“At the end of the day, my sister needs some type of justice — period,” Tymel told CBS New York.