Cynthia Arnold unofficially broke the Guinness World Record for fastest marathon run while pushing a triple stroller
Cynthia Arnold
Credit: FinisherPix

Cynthia Arnold is quite the fitspiration.

The 35-year-old mother of three set another record this year after she broke the Guinness World Record last year for the fastest half-marathon while pushing a three-person stroller. This year she did the same for the full marathon.

Arnold runs while pushing her kids — ages 6, 4 and one — and this year, she was attempting to finish a full marathon of 26.2 miles in four hours and six minutes, the record time set for pushing a triple stroller.

But she completed the Missoula, Montana marathon in June in a staggering three hours and eleven minutes, though she’s still waiting on acknowledgement from Guinness before her new record becomes official.

According to Runner’s World, she’s pushing about 185 lbs. while she runs — the 130 lbs. that her three kids weigh altogether, combined with the weight of the stroller.

Arnold began training for the marathon last winter, occasionally bringing the kids on her runs. The mom of three told Runner’s World that her children enjoy being taken along for the ride.

“We live in rural Montana and see lots of wildlife on the bike path right out my door,” she said. “I keep a pretty consistent routine and see some regular commuters each day, and the kids like saying hello to the cyclists.”

Though Arnold said she plans on running a marathon by herself this fall, she’s still attached to the stroller.

“I was laughing with my husband about throwing the stroller into a ditch or off a cliff, you know, say goodbye to that heavy old thing,” she said. “But I would never really do that. I tear up when I think any day could be the last day my oldest daughter goes for a run in the stroller. She can ride her bike while I run now.”

“Running with the stroller has so many benefits for running parents,” Arnold added. “Those of us who run know how much it is a part of our identity. You can’t just give that up if you become a parent. The stroller gives one the freedom to carry on a lifestyle with new ones in tow.”