Fitness Trainer Molly Galbraith on Body Acceptance: 'This Is a Kind of Freedom I Didn't Think I'd Ever Experience'

The strength and conditioning coach took to her Facebook page on New Year's Day

Photo: Molly Galbraith/Facebook

New year, new mentality.

Molly Galbraith, who’s best known as the founder of Girls Gone Strong as well as a strength and conditioning coach, took to her Facebook on New Year’s Day to speak about the incessant criticism her body has undergone through the years – as well as the toll its taken on her confidence.

The post, which reads as an open letter to fans and critics, is accompanied by a photo of Galbraith in a bikini on the beach.

“This body has been publicly evaluated, judged, and criticized, and those judgments have been used to determine my level of skill as a coach and a trainer, and my worth as a person, both positively and negatively,” writes the former bodybuilder, adding that her body has been given a wide range of labels, from “too fat” to “too masculine.”

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While the trainer admits that she has spent “too much time, energy and mental space wishing [her body] would look differently,” she recently had a revelation that brings her own negative body talk into question.

“This is the first year in as long as I can remember that I have made NO resolutions to change the way my body looks,” she reveals. “This is a kind of freedom I didn’t think I’d ever experience, and it feels really, really good.”

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