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This Mini Air Purifier Is FDA-Approved to Kill Germs in Healthcare Settings — and It's on Amazon

Shoppers say it’s a must-have if you want “peace of mind”
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Choosing an air purifier isn't an easy task. There are tons on the market that promise similar things, like trapping over 99 percent of allergens and ensuring the removal of smoke and odors. But if you're looking for an option that will actually kill germs and allergens instead of just collecting them, Molekule's Mini Air Purifier was designed to do just that.

The Molekule air purifier differs from many others on the market because it uses a special technology called photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO). That means it breaks down viruses, bacteria, and allergens at a "molecular level" by using free radicals — the same ones used to destroy cancer cells, according to the brand. Molekule says its PECO filter "can destroy pollutants 1,000 times smaller" than high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, which is what's commonly used in standard air purifiers.

The brand has a few air purifiers, but its Mini and Mini+ models have recently been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for medical use, which means the purifiers can be used in hospitals or home healthcare settings. 

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While the two look the same except for a different colored handle, there are a few differences between them. The Mini+ is essentially an updated version of the Mini that features an auto protect mode (a fan speed that changes based on the amount of particles in the air), a particle level indicator, and the ability to connect to Apple's HomeKit. Both purifiers cover up to 250 square feet.

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Shoppers say the Molekule Mini makes them feel "confident" about the air quality in their homes and that it's a must-have for "peace of mind."

"This product is so beautiful, I want it out on display," one customer wrote. "My favorite feature is it can detect what mode it needs to be on by determining the amount of pollen, bacteria, etc in the air, and it will switch to the proper mode. I've been looking for a good air purifier due to the poor air quality in my city (Salt Lake City), and it feels good knowing that we can sleep at night with clean air."

Allergy sufferers also note that the Molekule air purifier has made a "huge difference" for their symptoms. One customer wrote that they "wake up feeling more rested" and without "red itchy eyes" and sneezing.

With its FDA (and Amazon shopper) stamp of approval, the Molekule Mini seems like a solid choice for anyone looking to add an air purifier to their home.