Model Katherine Webb Fires Back After Critics Say She's Too Skinny

The former Miss Alabama defends her body on Instagram after followers call her "anorexic" and suggest she "have a donut"

Photo: Courtesy Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb is defending her body after fans called her too thin.

The former Miss Alabama, 25, was criticized for her weight after posting a photo of herself in a black bikini on Instagram on Tuesday.

Webb’s followers left comments like, “someone please give her a sandwich” and “too skinny.”

But the 5’11” model – who married NFL quarterback AJ McCarron last year – says her slim figure is due to her height and a thyroid condition.

“To all of you who think I need to gain weight or eat more, I eat just fine. I am 5’11 so I have a lot more places to put my calories,” she wrote on Instagram. “I eat crap most of the time anyways.”

And she was especially unhappy about being criticized by other women.

“To all the middle-aged women who like to leave mean comments on my page about my body, you can gladly skip my page and go somewhere else,” she says. “I am tall, I eat just fine and also suffer from thyroid problems so don’t make fun of me or my body when you probably have problems of your own.”

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