Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods Is Against the 'Plus Size' Label: 'It Creates Aloneness and Segregation'

Jordyn Woods doesn't want to be labeled as a "plus size" model because "it creates aloneness and segregation"

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jordyn Woods doesn’t want to be a “plus size” model — she just wants to be known as a model, period.

“I feel like when you categorize people and put them into a group, then it creates aloneness and segregation,” she told E!. “There are so many models that it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t think there should be categories.”

Woods, who also moonlights as a designer, and has a new collection for Addition Elle, said that if she has to get a label, she would prefer “curvy” to “plus size.”

She previously talked to Obsessee about why it doesn’t make sense to group women by their body type.

“I feel like there should be no separate sections in fashion — there should just be one,” Woods said. “If it fits, it fits, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

“For example, low-rise works for some people, and high-waisted works for others, and it’s cool to have separate sections like that, but when it comes to sizing, I feel like there should be one category and enough options for everyone.”

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Using the term “plus size” is a fraught topic for many models. Some, like Ashley Graham, agree with Woods.

“The fashion industry may persist to label me as ‘plus-size,’ but I like to think of it as ‘my size,’” Graham said in a 2015 TEDx talk. “Curvy models are becoming more and more vocal about the isolating nature of the term ‘plus-size.’ We are calling ourselves what we want to be called — women, with shapes that are our own.”

But others, like Tess Holliday, embrace the label.

“There are plenty of things to get offended about, but taking a term that’s never been used in hate & is merely a descriptor & trying to take away OUR community is not cool,” Holliday previously tweeted. #plussizeandproud”

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