The actress says she's lost "a little bit" but is "happier and healthier than ever"
Credit: Ramey

To anyone who thinks Mischa Barton is wasting away, she has a message: Don’t worry about me.

“Just so you guys know I’m happier and healthier than ever,” the actress, 23, writes on her Web site. “Things are really well in Mischa world and I’ve just been watching what I eat.”

Still, it’s not everybody’s imagination: she notes that she is thinner these days, as recent photos in the media have shown, sometimes accompanied by pointed speculation about her health.

“I still love my Pilates and yoga, and have cut back on fatty foods a bit,” she says. “My time in India and Paris really just helped me lose a little bit of weight but there’s nothing drastic going on!”

Except, perhaps, with the media, she says.

“I think it’s very unhealthy for young girls to read about and pay attention to,” Barton says. “To my female fans: Just be happy and secure with yourself and don’t let other people’s perceptions of you dictate the way you live your life.”

In a separate statement to Celebuzz, Barton laments, “This whole situation is ridiculous.”

“One minute, I’m too fat, the next I’m too skinny,” she tells the site. “[The press] is always looking to start rumors and create drama.”