Miranda McKeon, 20, Celebrates the End of Her Breast Cancer Treatment: 'I Couldn't Be More Proud'

The Anne with an E star and college student said she's going to now work on "healing some parts of my heart that got a little hurt in this process"

miranda mckeon breast cancer treatment
Miranda McKeon. Photo: miranda mckeon/ instagram

Miranda McKeon is ringing that cancer bell loud and clear to celebrate the end of eight months of treatment.

The Anne with an E star, who turned 20 in January, finished her final radiation session on Friday, marking the end of her breast cancer treatment after her diagnosis back in June.

"After 8 months' time, putting eggs on ice, 8 rounds of chemo, 3 surgeries, 25 sessions of radiation, a new head of hair, a Lexapro prescription, and lots of tears later — THE (active treatment) PARTY'S OVER," McKeon wrote on Instagram.

"I girlbossed the f--- out of this situation and I couldn't be more proud," she added.

McKeon emphasized, though, that "it sucked. A lot. Like, a LOT."

"I will be devoting a lot of energy in the coming months/ years/ lifetime (?) to healing some parts of my heart that got a little hurt in this process and doing a lot of fun stuff that makes me feel happy," she said. "Like traveling & dancing & writing & drinking lemonade & going on runs & writing cards & loving my people well & expressing gratitude."

McKeon, who shared the ups and downs of the treatment process on Instagram and her blog, said that having an online community kept her going.

"Documenting pieces of these past eight months has been therapeutic for me and I hope it can help people going through things, both big and small, to see that life can be really really hard — and it can also be really really amazingly incredible," she said. "Hurt and happy can coexist. It is your choice how you handle the cards you're dealt."

And McKeon continued to share insights about the aspects of breast cancer treatment that the average person probably wouldn't be aware of, like how to take care of skin while undergoing proton therapy, a type of radiation.

"For my friends going through this — this is my skin result after 25 rounds of proton therapy. You can see the red margin," she wrote on her Instagram Story, along with a photo of her chest. "I was super vigilant about putting on mametazone and calendula cream at least twice a day … Anyways it's not too too bad — but everyone's skin reacts differently."

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The USC sophomore also posted the video of her ringing the cancer bell to signify the end of her treatment.

"My treatment's done, the course is run, and I am on my way," she read from a plaque under the bell, before giving it three strong rings and a few jumps for joy.

And McKeon, who posted from the airport that she's "on the move" just a few hours later, said that while her cancer treatment is done, she still has further to go mentally.

"I'm not really sure how to close out this caption, and that's probably because this chapter isn't really over for me," she said. "For now, I'll be celebrating turning the page on the end to a tough eight months physically and embracing what comes next as I try to wrestle with how this experience fits into the bigger picture of my big, awesome, beautiful life."

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