"That zit cream in your 30's life," Mindy Kaling captioned the photo
Credit: Instagram

Mindy Kaling is keeping her social media posts refreshingly real.

The Mindy Project star, 36, posted a seemingly makeup-free photo on Instagram Thursday, in which she’s performing some not-so-glamorous skin maintenance.

“That zit cream in your 30’s life,” she captioned the photo, in which her skin is dotted with the cream. “At least I’m not going on the Tonight Show later today.”

(She is – but we’re sure she’ll look great!)

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This isn’t the first time the actress has shared a glimpse into her skincare regimen on Instagram. In October, Kaling revealed the affordable ingredients of her favorite DIY facemask – Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Aztec Secret s Indian Healing Clay.

Sometimes I put glop on my face for beauty reasons,” she captioned the post.