Milla Clark Says Her Past Caused Her to Reach 700 Lbs.: 'My Mom Never Hugged or Kissed Me, But She Fed Us'

Food was the only way Clark's mom would show her love, and Clark didn't want to disappoint her

Photo: TLC

Weighing in at around 700 lbs., Milla Clark can trace her weight gain to her childhood, and even her mother’s childhood.

“My mom never really knew how to tell us that she loved us,” Clark explains in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of My 600-lb Life. “She never said it, she never hugged me or kissed me, but what she would do is feed us. Giving us food was the only way my mother knew to show her love for us.”

And though the food would often be too much for Clark, now 47, and her sisters to eat, she didn’t want to disappoint her mother.

“If we didn’t take that food she would take it as a rejection,” Clark says. “But my sister was small, and she could not finish her plate. And I would sneak and help her with her plate so they wouldn’t get punished.”

And Clark literally ate up her mother’s affection.

“At the same time, food was my mother’s warmth to me. So I just ate everything I was given. And I just wanted more and more.”

Her mother, Mary Everson, explains that she just wanted to provide for her girls since she didn’t always have enough food growing up.

“I do sometimes blame myself a little bit for the way she is,” Everson admits. “But at the time I thought it was fine that she ate that much, because when I was coming up it wasn’t like we had a ton of food all the time. And so what I always felt like was that I want to see a child eating until they got enough.”

Clark’s weight quickly made her a target for bullies at school, who called her fat starting at age three. By the time she was finishing high school, Clark was nearly 350 lbs., and couldn’t fit into the graduation gown.

Shortly after, though, she met her husband Elroy.

“I think everyone was surprised when I got married because I was so fat,” Clark says. “They probably thought that no one would want someone that big. Because by that time I was over 400 lbs.”

“I was so in love with Elroy, I forgot I was fat for a minute.”

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Clark soon gave birth to her first son, but while they hoped to have many more kids, at 500 lbs. it was too risky for Clark to get pregnant again. Instead, they turned to adoption, taking in four kids from homes with drug-addicted parents.

Now though, those kids have to feed and bathe Clark, who is completely bedridden. Her hope now is to lose weight and qualify for bariatric surgery.

TLC’s My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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