Mila Kunis says she "would literally just cry" when her trainer asked her to do burpees
Credit: Steven Pan

// Kunis is not mincing words when it comes to how she feels about burpees – the super effective yet miserable workout move trainers seem to love.

“F— burpees man, f— squats, f— all that s—,” the actress, 32, says in a video interview with Glamour, whose cover she graces makeup-free for the August issue. “I hate the word ‘burpees.’ It’s like PTSD for me because my trainer loves burpees so much, and he used to yell, ‘We’ve got to do 20 burpees,’ and I would literally just start crying. I hate them!”

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Kunis – who is expecting her second child with husband Ashton Kutcher – also spoke candidly about using a breast pump, sometimes in not-so-convenient places.

“I’ve pumped in an airport, I’ve pumped on the side of the road, I’ve pumped everywhere,” she said.

As for her stance on naked selfies, Kunis says, “If you’ve got a great body, go for it!”