'Mighty Ducks' ' Shaun Weiss Celebrates 2 Years of Sobriety After Meth Addiction

The actor and comedian is "super passionate about helping others" after getting help, Weiss' friend tells PEOPLE

shaun weiss
Shaun Weiss. Photo: Drew Gallagher/Instagram

Shaun Weiss is celebrating a major milestone: he's now two years sober after overcoming a meth addiction.

The actor and comedian — who famously played goalie Greg Goldberg in the Mighty Ducks movies — shared a before and after photo on Instagram on Wednesday to mark the occasion.

"🙏 for your 💜& support!!" Weiss wrote in another post, along with a photo of socks that say "Sober AF Two Years."

"If you or someone you know is in need of treatment — 866.480.2496," he added.

Weiss, who was arrested in Jan. 2020 on charges of residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance, is doing "pretty awesome," his friend and advocate, Drew Gallagher, tells PEOPLE. He went to rehab and is currently living in a sober house, but wants to get an apartment "when his finances get more stable," Gallagher says.

Weiss celebrated the two-year mark with a meal out at Brent's Deli in Los Angeles.

The former child star, who had lost his teeth as he battled his addiction, was gifted a full new set of teeth and is just waiting on the final fittings now. But that hasn't kept Weiss from working.

"He's been doing standup a couple places, so that's cool," Gallagher says. "He's been really enjoying that even though he doesn't love being on stage without any upper teeth. He still can't resist."

"We're kind of focusing on just trying to get him back out there acting, he's still as funny as ever. His comedy material is really on point. Shaun's been in the game since he was a kid so he can hop right back on screen no problem."

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And Weiss wants to use his experience with addiction to aid others.

"He's super passionate about helping others and that's kind of the big thing," Gallagher says. "We're working on a book explaining our experiences over the last five, six years."

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