Mickey Rourke Looks Buff at 58!

"Fitness helps keep my life balanced," the actor tells PEOPLE

Photo: Bauer-Griffin/GC

Mickey Rourke is looking super muscular these days!

The actor, 58, showcased his fit physique while out in L.A. recently – but says it doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.

“In my life, I do everything all or nothing,” Rourke tells PEOPLE about his approach to exercise. “Fitness helps keep my life balanced and it’s a great release for anything I have going on in my life. My body is also my tool for my career.”

The star of the upcoming film Ashby, Rourke is currently training five times a week with Jordan Feramisco, owner and performance coach at Power Performance.

“I train him like the football players that I train,” Feramisco tells PEOPLE. “He’s just like that mentally, and he wants to push himself. He’s an amazing athlete that’s impressive and fun to work with.”

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Rourke’s training sessions begin with 30 minutes to an hour of cardio, consisting of either long-distance runs or sprints. Next, he does ab exercises – usually 300 to 500 sit-ups! – followed by weight training.

Feramisco often switches up the strength-training portion of Rourke’s sessions, but go-to moves include flipping tires, weighted squats, step-ups and full-body dumbbell exercises.

“He actually wants to lose about 10 lbs. from what he is now,” says Feramisco. “My goal is to get him as shredded and ripped as possible.”

Rourke – who recently defeated an opponent half his age in the boxing ring – doesn’t plan on slowing down.

“I am happy with our progress,” he says, “but I still have work to do!”

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