Meghan McCain Says She's Being 'Urged' to Take Ozempic 4 Weeks After Giving Birth: 'It's Horrifying'

The View alum and her husband Ben Demenech welcomed their second baby girl Clover Jade on Jan. 19

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Meghan McCain is opening up about the pressures she's facing over her body after giving birth to her second child.

McCain, 38, and husband Ben Domenech, 41, welcomed baby girl Clover Jade on Jan. 19. They also share 2-year-old daughter Liberty Sage.

McCain revealed in an op-ed for The Daily Mail that since having Clover, she's been "urged" to start taking Ozempic to "melt away the baby weight."

"I just gave birth and I'm being urged to take a 'miracle shot' of Ozempic as a quick fix ... It's horrifying, unfair and disturbing — and I refuse," she titled the candid piece.

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She opened the article by pointing out that she gave birth "four weeks ago, and you wouldn't believe what I'm hearing."

Aside from the usual questions, McCain said she's also been asked if she plans to take Ozempic.

"Excuse me?" she continued, before she explained, "In case you're unaware, there is a craze sweeping the nation: a new 'miracle' drug. One injection, once a week, for a cool $1,000 a pop, and you can just melt the pounds away."

She noted that other celebrities like Chelsea Handler have said they use it, but claim to not realize they were on it.

"Elon Musk says he uses it. Kyle Richards, of Real Housewives fame, who recently flaunted newly emerged abs, has denied taking it. But fellow reality TV star Jackie Goldschneider claimed 'a lot' of her fellow cast members are on it."

She later said there are "people who legitimately struggle with obesity and need Ozempic. But I am not one of those people," so she's shocked that "casual friends" and "industry acquaintances" have asked her about taking it.

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"I'm told 'everyone is doing it,' as if that was ever a compelling case," said McCain. "I hear, 'Just take the shot', as it has become known in shorthand. I was even offered a black market freebie by someone with 'extra shots at home.' "

"Well, let me make one thing very clear. I'm not taking it. I refuse. There's a clear moral issue here. It's hard to take a drug because swimsuit season is around the corner, while others need it to stay alive. And how can this be healthy?"

She shared that she believes Ozempic is damaging to the progress that has been made concerning body positivity and acceptance over the past few years.

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Keeping her two young daughters in mind, McCain wrote, "As a new mother, I also have a responsibility to set an example for my daughters, who will one day face the same beauty standards. Their world will only be more challenging as social media seeps more deeply into the American mind.

"This is not the world I want for them, and not the world I want for myself."

She concluded, "As for Ozempic, I would rather have a few extra pounds than shoot myself up with medicine. There ain't nothing worth having that is easy to get. And that goes for my health and the health of my girls."

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