Megan Jayne Crabbe wants her followers to know that belly bloat is normal after a big meal

Credit: Source: Megan Jayne Crabbe Instagram

Body positive blogger Megan Jayne Crabbe preached the importance of self acceptance by showing followers her bloated tummy after she enjoyed Christmas dinner.

“To anyone currently feeling guilty about the amount of food in their stomach: it’s okay,” Crabbe, 23, posted alongside photos of her own stomach before and after her holiday meal on Monday. “Tummies are supposed to grow and expand and let us experience all kinds of delicious moments. You are no less beautiful, valuable or lovable whether you are full or empty.”

Crabbe — who started her @bodyposipanda account after overcoming a battle with anorexia — wants people to embrace their “food baby” rather than pull or poke at it with disapproval.

“Treat your food baby nicely,” she writes alongside her photo, which received over 20k likes. “Don’t pull or grab yourself, don’t be rough. Be gentle, touch yourself kindly, appreciate the softness.”

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Furthermore, she says there is no reason to feel guilt for indulging during Christmas.

“When the guilt creeps up, tell yourself that everything is okay, and that what you’ve eaten today doesn’t determine one single bit of how wonderful you are,” she concludes her post. “Merry Christmas my loves!”