Working (Out) Girl: Mary Tyler Moore Made an Inspirational 1994 'Everywoman's Workout' Video

Though she dealt with health problems until her death Wednesday, Mary Tyler Moore also put out several workout videos for the "Everywoman"

Mary Tyler Moore was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just age 33, but never let the disease set her back, focusing instead on refining her diet and exercise routines.

The actress, who died Wednesday at age 80, became so invested in health that she filmed several workout videos for the “everywoman” — those aged 35 and up.

“I think this is a group that’s been largely ignored,” Moore explains in the intro to an aerobics-centered video from 1994. “There are quite a few exercise videos that are geared to the 20-year-old level, but there’s another group of us out there who are fit and appreciate good bodies, and have respect for them, and the work that goes into making them, and that’s who I want to do this for.”

Along with her personal trainer, Laure Redmond (and a wide array of leotards), Moore takes viewers through a lunge-filled, low-impact workout.

But Moore and Redmond agree that one untraditional workout move might be the best of all — laughing.

“One of the greatest things that Mary has reminded me of is the importance of a sense of humor,” Redmond says. “With Mary I’ve really learned that when the going gets tough, the tough gets laughing.”

“You know what, laughing is one of the best exercises you can do for this area,” Moore agrees, pointing to her core.

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Not surprisingly, Moore leads the way with a body-positive stance, saying that working out shouldn’t be about getting a perfect body, but rather to feel good.

“I think one of the great defeating emotions of life is that perfectionism that we tend to go for,” she says. “I’ve found myself doing that on occasion. If we can just relax and try to do our best and enjoy attaining the goal rather than reaching the goal, remember that life is a series of greys, and it’s black and it’s white on either side. If you find yourself in the black or the white column every once in awhile don’t worry about it — you’ll get back to the grey area.”

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