Stewart clapped back at the Internet troll on Friday in her comments after posting a photo of herself riding a bike on Instagram
Credit: Martha Stewart/Instagram

Age is nothing but a number for Martha Stewart.

The 77-year-old lifestyle guru clapped back at a fan on Friday after she posted a photo of herself riding a bicycle and was criticized for being “too old.”

“Sorry but you are too old to bike safely … set an example admit it make it easier for the rest of us to give up thinking we can still do it all,” the fan wrote in the comments section and was first noticed by Instagram account Comments by Celebs.

Refusing to let her age define her abilities, Stewart directly responded to the fan — and garnered more than 880 Instagram likes in the process.

“I feel sorry for you if you think I am too old to bicycle,” the star wrote. “I keep in excellent shape by doing many outdoor and indoor exercises and activities!”

Martha Stewart
| Credit: Martha Stewart/Instagram

Back in March 2017, Stewart revealed her tricks to looking youthful. “A healthy, good life, and good genes,” she said on The Dr. Oz Show. “I mean, my mother’s skin was pretty smooth at 93.”

“I don’t sleep too much. Every morning at 4 o’clock when I wake up, I put a mask on. Any kind of mask. I have gingko, I have gommage, I have collagen. I have all of those masks,” Stewart continued. “Then I go back into bed, and I leave that on until I get up to go shower. It’s very good for your skin. It’s hydrating. I put it on my décolleté, so you look nice, and on my hands.”

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Martha Stewart
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As for what she puts in her body, Stewart explained that she relies on her famously green thumb.

“I drink green juice every single morning,” she said. “And I make it out of vegetables that I grow, in the greenhouse in the winter, in the garden in the summer. And they’re organic vegetables.”

“I eat well,” Stewart shared. “I don’t eat a lot of meat, I’m more of a fish-based diet. And I exercise as much as I can, so this week it was four days so far.”

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The author has also previously expressed how she keeps up with a routine of good eating and fitness — which she said includes hitting her home gym with a personal trainer at 6:30 A.M. daily.

“Convenience food is just not in my vocabulary,” she told PEOPLE in 2009. “Yoga is incredibly relaxing, but strenuous, too.”

But for those who can’t afford their own trainer, she revealed a favorite budget-friendly fitness alternative: cleaning.

“I’ve never had a housekeeper and I never will,” she said. “Cleaning does it for me.”