Facebook Goes Crazy for Reality Star Mar Ortiz's Love Handle Selfie: 'Why Does Size Matter?'

Mar Ortiz shows of confidence in body-baring selfie "big or small I love my love handles!"

Photo: Instagram

Reality star Mar Ortiz took a bold and brave step to promote body-positive messaging – and it’s getting a lot of attention.

After Ortiz, a singer and cast member of Lifetime’s Big Women: Big Love, posted a skin-baring selfie on Facebook – wearing just black tights rolled down below her hips and a shirt tied up to show off her stomach – it immediately went viral, racking up over 80,000 likes.

“Someone told me ‘Mar you’re losing weight,’ ” she captioned the photo. “I said ‘Really? You think so? I eat a burger, fries and pizza like everyday.’ ”

“Why does size matter? Big or small…I love my LOVE handles! I don’t care about having abs or eating a salad everyday. I do believe in taking healthier days and balance. I #celebratemysize everyday! I love my curves and body. If I want to lose weight it will be a personal choice and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else but me. #imnoangel #plusisequal #effyourbeautystandars #bigwomenbig love”

Ortiz follows in the footsteps of other body positive women who working to end the culture of body shaming on social media. And, while Ortiz received praise for putting out the photo, she also had plenty of negative comments.

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“I respect your confidence but obese and overweight usually go hand in hand with health issues,” wrote one commenter. “When you are in the best shape you can be, you feel so much better about yourself, physically as well as mentally.”

Others encouraged Ortiz to tune out the body-shamers. “I honestly think you are an amazing woman,” another commenter wrote. “If you are comfortable with your body, love yourself for who you are, then nobody else’s opinion should matter I’m a curvier girl and I’m working my way to getting more confidence in myself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless of race, gender, weight, etc.”

Ortiz was undeterred by the negativity, later posting a much more covered up selfie where she crowned herself a queen.

“Ladies always love yourself! To hell with what anyone thinks!!! Here’s a non slutty post for you judge mental internet trolls. #bigwomenbiglove #bwbl”

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