A 25-year-old has published an e-book about his rare genetic condition called diphallia
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The new year is already brimming with surprises. (Warning: What follows here is sexually graphic.)

A man known as Double D— Dude is sharing his story – make that stories – in a new e-memoir called Double Header: My Life with Two Penises.

The author first gained notoriety last year when he invited Reddit users to ask him anything: “I am the guy with two penises. AMA.” His post received more than 17,000 comments, making it the fourth most popular of all time, according to his book blurb on Amazon.

“I wanted to try and satisfy everyone’s curiosity,” he tells PEOPLE. “For almost 48 hours I sat at the computer with lots of coffee answering every question I could.”

Among the queries: Are they the same size? Yes, 10 inches. Do they both work? Yes, they are fully functional and independent of one another. Does he tell potential lovers he is so well endowed? Not until it’s time to have sex. Does he like men or women? Both, and his last long relationship was with a male and female couple.

He also avoids urinals in favor of stalls, doesn’t usually wear underwear and can be intimate with more than one person at a time.

The bicoastal 25-year-old was born with the rare genetic condition diphallia, which affects about one in 5 million males, according to William O. Brant, M.D., urologist and co-director of the Center for Reconstructive Urology and Men’s Health at the University of Utah. “It’s uncommon for an adult to show up with this because it will usually have been recognized and repaired as a child.”

Although the anonymous author, who Tweets at DiphallicDude, can’t remember exactly when his parents first called attention to his condition, “They made me aware of the fact that I was important and special,” he says. “They told me not to make my pants off in front of other people and not to play doctor because I would hurt people’s feelings and make them feel ashamed or jealous that they only had one.”

That advice worked until he was a teen and lost his virginity. “Word got around. There was a period of time I wanted to have surgery to have one of them cut off because I was really upset with the way I was being treated,” he says. He credits his dad for keeping him centered.

“My dad said, ‘I know why you want the surgery. But regardless of whether you have it, you’ll still be the same person. It doesn’t change anything. I love you no matter what, whether you have one or two.’ ”

Learning to make peace with himself is actually one of the reasons he wrote the book. “Since January 2014, besides the cheesy sex hookup requests – and I will not meet up with someone in person I have met online – I have had hundreds of people contacting me about body acceptance, sexuality and embracing themselves. I realized there’s a purpose for this.”

He adds, “If you can’t be comfortable with yourself when the lights are off and the doors are closed and you’re all alone, then you can’t expect anyone else to be comfortable with you.”

He’s says he’s grateful to be living in this day and age. “If this was the 1940s, I would be with the freaks in the freak show – and that’s if my parents hadn’t had one of the penises cut off, which they probably would have during that time period.”

Instead, his biggest problem is keeping his identity a secret. “Going public would change my life forever,” he says. “I could never be myself again.”

Or worse: “I would risk people always asking me to take selfies.”