Man Who Lost 400 Lbs. to Save His Relationship Proposes to His Girlfriend: 'I Prayed for This Life'

Brandon Scott, who is hoping to start a music career now that he has recovered from his addiction to food, wrote an original song for the proposal

Brandon Scott spent most of his life having to wait on his dreams. He hoped to earn a football scholarship as a teen, but a bad car accident ended any hopes of a career. Then plans to move to Italy to sing opera were derailed after his parents divorced. And most recently, his work as a music teacher and his relationship with his girlfriend Tayler Kunce were almost ruined because of his addiction to food.

At more than 600 lbs., Scott, 36, was struggling to live his life, and had developed a large lymphedema mass on his leg that kept him from being able to walk or fit in a car. Wanting to save his life and his relationship, Scott, with the help of Kunce, worked to lose more than 400 lbs. in under two years, and now plans to propose.

"Tayler and I have been in Chicago for a little more than a day, and yesterday we had a great time seeing the sights and taking in the city," he says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode of My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now. "But to be honest, it was a little tough to really enjoy it because I was so nervous about what's going to happen today, because this is the day when I ask Tayler to marry me."

My 600 Lb Life
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Scott worked with Kunce's family to plan the proposal and arranged for them to all meet in Chicago, where he will serenade her with an original song asking her to marry him.

"My plan for the proposal is, start the day off with a little bit of a walk around the city and go out to lunch afterwards," he explains. "Once we get in the courtyard, there will be a keyboard set up for me there and I'm assuming that Tayler will believe that's from a previous event, and then I'll go ahead and start the song."

After they spot the keyboard, Kunce sits down and asks Scott to "play one of your originals."

In the song, Scott asks her to "take another step."

"I want to see you walking down the aisle, won't you let me be your man," he asks. "I want to build a home together, I want to start a family. I want to be with you forever."

As Kunce's family gathers behind her, Scott sings, "Don't you know I prayed for this life? You stuck with my right through my darkest moments."

And after he asks, "Will you be my wife?" Kunce gets up to give him a kiss and a hug.

My 600 Lb. Life: Where Are They Now airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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