Corey Phelps is working on moving forward with his life after a difficult few years that included being homeless and the death of his father

By Julie Mazziotta
June 08, 2021 06:03 PM

For Corey Phelps, weighing 664 lbs. "is really hard."

"It's painful. Physically, mentally, emotionally," the 28-year-old from Georgia says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode of Too Large.

"I've definitely been through a lot of fat-shaming. Some people can be absolutely inhumane. I've been called every name you can possibly think of."

The mental and emotional struggles started at a young age, when Phelps first started school and immediately dealt with bullying.

"Ever since I was little I've just always been thick," he says. "I still remember like, that first day of kindergarten, some kids, I don't even remember what they said. It was a fat joke, a joke about my weight, something. And that was really kind of the first time I knew that I was a little bit bigger than the other kids. When I got into high school is when I really started to grow exponentially."

Too Large
Corey Phelps
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That was also when Phelps came out as gay to his family.

"Some of them were like, kind of iffy about it," he says. "And it hurt deep. So, I just would hop in the car and go to a fast-food restaurant. And that's where we're going to have a cry sesh."

His dad, though, was always on his side, Phelps says.

"My dad was always the biggest supporter of my weight loss. Because he's the one that gave me the fat gene," Phelps says. "He was a great dad, and he was the biggest supporter of me being gay. He loved me unconditionally. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months ago. It still hurts. It's real fresh."

Phelps went to college after high school but did not finish, and was homeless for a time. But things are improving, and he's now living with his best friend in a one-bedroom apartment and working on losing 25 lbs. so he can qualify for weight loss surgery.

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