'Dance Moms' ' Maddie Ziegler Inspires Young Dancers in New Capezio Campaign Video

The teen dancer stars in the dance apparel company's new film #DanceInYou

Photo: Courtesy Capezio

Maddie Ziegler is not one to fall in line – and she’s encouraging others to stand out as well.

In Capezio’s latest video campaign #DanceInYou released on Tuesday, the 13-year-old Dance Moms‘ star joins a class of young ballerinas at the barre before breaking out into her own free-form number.

Ziegler – who is a regular in singer-songwriter Sia‘s music videos – refuses to conform to the typical pink ballet dress code by wearing a black and blue outfit from the dance apparel company.

While her moves are first met with odd stares, Ziegler eventually stirs up a total dance party from the whole class.

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“Self expression in dance has always been so important to me, so I fell in love with the concept of this film,” Ziegler told the Huffington Post. “Hopefully it will remind young dancers everywhere that expressing yourself can be empowering, contagious and fun.”

Not only is Ziegler a brand ambassador for the company, but she inspired a line of looks all worn in the film including a mesh crop top jacket, knit shorts, and fishnet tights.

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