Lyst gave Ken a modern makeover for 2016 – bearded hipster included
Credit: Lyst

Barbie’s getting a full makeover to incorporate a wider range of body types – but what about Ken and his often unrealistic washboard abs?

To make all the guys out there who have more of a dad bod than a Zac Efron bod feel a bit better about themselves, fashion shopping site Lyst swooped in to save the day with their revamped Ken dolls.

Lyst designed a more true-to-life lineup of Kens, including “Beach DadBod Ken,” “Balding Ken,” and, of course, “Bearded Hipster Ken” to fit in perfectly with Barbie’s dream loft in Brooklyn.

Lyst wanted “to bring body-positive Ken to life, embracing a more realistic version of manhood in 2016,” they tell PEOPLE.

They also tried to make the dolls more diverse, and included, “black, Asian and petite” versions of the doll.

And to dress each Ken so they fit in with Barbie and her extensive closet, Lyst used current market data.

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“The team at Lyst looked at the most popular fashion products purchased by men during the last year, taking into account sizing data from the global menswear market,” they explain. “The new Ken dolls reflect the modern man’s real appearance, plus real fashion tastes.”

Your move, Mattel.