How 'Fuller House' Star Lori Loughlin Maintains Her Incredible Abs: 'I've Really Found My Ideal Workout'

The Fuller House star credits a mix of yoga and dance cardio classes

Photo: Source: Lori Loughlin/Instagram

Lori Loughlin’s body is ab-tastic!

The Fuller House star took to Instagram on Saturday to show off the results of her workout with trainer Simone De La Rue.

“Sweaty Saturday with @bodybysimone the best way to start the weekend,” Loughlin, 51, captioned the photo of herself and De La Rue both showing off their toned tummies.

The actress wore teal workout pants and a black tank rolled up for prime ab-viewing.

So what exactly is she doing in the gym to maintain her fit figure? Loughlin told PEOPLE last year she enjoys a mix of De La Rue’s dance cardio classes, Body by Simone, and yoga.

“I’ll go do the Body by Simone because I don’t love doing cardio. I have to trick myself to do it,” she said. “They’re not hard classes, anyone can do them. They’re little dance aerobic classes. But I go and I jump around for 40 minutes and I work up a sweat and then we do some leg lifts and arms with little free weights.”

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That combined with yoga, Loughlin said, “I’ve really found my ideal workout.”

When it comes to her diet, Loughlin practices everything in moderation.

“If you bake cookies, I’ll have one, maybe two. I won’t eat a plate of cookies,” she says. “If I’m gonna have a piece of pie, I’ll have a couple bites or I’ll have a smaller piece. I’m not going to sit down and eat half a pie. I don’t do that.”

Loughlin also tends to shy away from alcohol.

“I’m not a big drinker. I love champagne but I don’t have champagne every night. If I go out and I want to have a drink, I’ll have a glass of champagne,” she says. “I’d say my biggest vice is caffeine, tea or coffee.”

And she’s not afraid to admit, “a big part of it is genetics.”

“You would never think my mother is going to be 80 years old. And my mother doesn’t even go for a facial,” she says. “I’m very good about taking care of my skin and keeping up with facials. I’m a big believer in always taking care of your skin. And my mom takes care of herself but she didn’t come from that world where you went and got a facial. And she looks fantastic.”

With reporting by RENNIE DYBALL

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