Lizzo Says the 'Best Transformations Are the Ones Only You Can See' in New Workout Video

The rapper and singer upped her workouts over the last year and is loving the mental changes she’s feeling

Lizzo is feeling "Good as Hell" after reinvesting in herself.

Over the last year, the rapper and singer, 33, has upped her workouts and switched to a vegan diet, and she's experiencing major mental changes. But, as Lizzo pointed out in a new TikTok, they're mostly visible to herself.

"The best transformations are the ones only you can see," she captioned the video. "Celebrate yourself."

Lizzo compiled clips from a few of her workouts for the TikTok, and in it she's doing everything from jumping rope, to doing squats with a kettlebell, to pushing a sled loaded down with weights — and even pulling a sled carrying one of her friends.

Lizzo. Lizzo/Tiktok

A few days earlier, the three-time Grammy winner celebrated a big milestone in her workout journey — exercising in shorts.

"Now let me tell you. I was always too insecure — well, not too insecure, but too self-conscious — to work out in shorts. Also my thigh meat chafes, so I was like, why do that?" she explained in another TikTok.

"But today I'm working out in shorts and I'm gonna keep it real with y'all: not much has changed, physically, about myself, but a lot has changed here, mentally. Here, emotionally," she continued, pointing to her head and then to her heart. "I accept myself. These shorts are a little long so they won't chafe, but I'm doing it! Yay!"

Lizzo started sharing videos of her workouts on TikTok a year earlier and emphasized that she's not exercising to lose weight.

"Hey, so I've been working out consistently for the last five years and it may come as a surprise to some of y'all that I'm not working out to have your ideal body type. I'm working out to have my ideal body type," she said in a video. "And you know what type that is? None of your f---ing business because I am beautiful, I am strong, I do my job and I stay on my job."

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She continued, "So next time you want to come to somebody and judge them whether they drink kale smoothies or eat McDonalds, or work out or not work out, how about you look at your own f---ing self and worry about your own goddamn body because health is not just determined on what you look like on the outside. Health is also what happens on the inside — and a lot of y'all need to do a f---ing cleanse for your insides."

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