Lindsay Lohan Stars in New Super Bowl Ad: 'It Was Refreshing to Put My Past to Bed Once and For All'

The actress pokes fun at her past while promoting wellness along with William Shatner in a hilarious new Planet Fitness ad

Lindsay Lohan is playfully poking fun at her past.

The actress, 35, stars in a new Planet Fitness ad, along with William Shatner, that will air during the Super Bowl. "Exercise is a big part of my life. It brings a balance that I love," Lohan tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"Planet Fitness promotes everything I look for in fitness, it's an inclusive environment, it's fun, and it promotes a safe space for exercise. Mostly, I am proud to be a part of something that encourages all of us to take time for our health and wellness."

Superbowl ad lindsay Lohan
Planet Fitness

The ad, "What's Gotten into Lindsay," was shot in L.A. and features moments of Lohan embracing wellness — mentally and physically — while playfully referencing her past relationship with the paparazzi, partying and even an electronic ankle bracelet which she wore while under house arrest in 2011 for jewelry theft.

"It was refreshing to put my past to bed once and for all and share with people how I am living my life today," she says.

Lohan's current fitness regimen includes "staying hydrated, eating the right foods, taking some time on the treadmill to clear my head squats, crunches and some stretching," she says. "I'm also very big on skin care so I always take time for that."

The actress, who announced her engagement to fiancé Bader Shammas in November, reveals wedding plans are going "great! It's an exciting time."

Now with a new podcast and Netflix's holiday film Falling for Christmas in the works, Lohan most looks forward to "being able to share my life with someone I love and admire so much," she adds. "Just all of the things that the future holds."

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