Lexi Reed Is 'Fighting' for a Solution After Unsuccessful Round of IV Treatments for Calcinosis

The weight loss influencer had to go back to the hospital earlier this month due to "hard, painful knots" on her stomach and legs, which she learned were calcium buildups related to her organ failure

Lexi Reed
Lexi Reed. Photo: Lexi Reed/Instagram

Lexi Reed is still looking for a solution for her severe stomach and leg pain.

The 31-year-old weight loss influencer finished up her first round of treatment for her calcinosis, a rare condition where "calcium buildups" form in and around joints like the elbows and knees, often after organ failure, which Reed dealt with in January. But the IV treatments unfortunately didn't do much to resolve the difficult-to-treat condition, Reed said Thursday in an Instagram post.

"Finished my first round of IV treatments this week for calcinosis," she said, "The calcium buildup doesn't seem to have changed either way and I'm still experiencing pain plus discoloration/bruising on my thighs, back, and stomach."

Reed says she wants to "stay ahead" of the condition by meeting with another specialist next week "for a second opinion and to find out if there are any other forms of treatment."

"I know Instagram looks a lot different for me lately but I'm still fighting for my health daily just in other ways. Please continue to pray for me even if I'm silent as I navigate through all of this. Love you all!"

Earlier this week, Reed said that she and her husband Danny are hoping to find another solution for her pain.

"Every day is a new day," she said. "@DiscoveringDanny and I are looking for another opinion and praying."

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Reed first went to the hospital on Jan. 20 after four days of being unable to keep any food down. Almost immediately after she arrived, Reed's blood sugar dropped and her organs started to fail, she said, and doctors decided to put her on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma.

After nearly a month in the hospital, she was able to go home, but needed frequent dialysis treatments. She had her last round of dialysis on March 21, but she still hasn't been able to walk on her own or find a solution to her stomach and leg pain.

On April 4, Reed decided to go back to the hospital because her pain was only "getting worse."

"I've been experiencing hard, painful knots on my stomach, thighs, and legs that have been getting worse and spreading, causing me to be in excruciating pain/tears," she said.

"Ready for all this to be over," she said. "Ready to be healthy and in the gym … I just haven't said a lot in the last two weeks because I was hoping I would get better and here we are. So, positive prayers, thank you."

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