Lea Michele Takes Cue from Jennifer Lopez with Sexy Bed Selfie

Lea Michele copied Jennifer Lopez's sexy selfie, posing on a white bed in a black bodysuit

Photo: Source: Lea Michele/Instagram

Lea Michele and Jennifer Lopez are feeling their bodies.

Two days after Lopez posted a sultry, body-baring selfie from her stark-white bed — clad in just a tiny bodysuit — Michele shared one of her own.

While Lopez, 47, included a few body-positive hashtags with her selfie — “#loveyourselffirst #feelingempowered #healthybodyhealthymind” — Michele captioned hers with “NYC//Sunday bed series,” so maybe there are more bed selfies (bedfies?) to come.

Michele, 30, told PEOPLE in September that she’s in the best shape of her life, thanks to tough workouts, weekly indulgences at a local Korean spa, and occasional cheat days.

“I’ve never loved my body more than I do right now,” she said. “And I’m so grateful that I feel that way.”

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The Scream Queens star starts off each day with a green smoothie and keeps her refrigerator and pantry completely vegan. And when she’s not eating in, Michele searches for new plant-based restaurants to try near her home in Los Angeles.

As for her workouts, Michele found that hot yoga, hiking and SoulCycle classes work best for her body.

“You have to look good, but you also have to feel good,” she said. “So I find workouts that take care of both those things.”

“It’s so important for me to stress that being healthy is not about being a gym rat. It’s not about being 90 lbs. This is really how I live every single day.”

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