Kristin Cavallari works her abs while paddleboarding in Bali, Indonesia on vacation

Credit: INFPhoto

The shoe designer and former reality star squeezed in a little time for fitness while on vacation in Bali, hopping on a paddleboard to work her core.

But the mom of three, who gave birth to her daughter Saylor James in November, said she doesn’t stress about getting back into shape post-baby.

“I don’t put pressure on myself [to lose the baby weight],” Cavallari, 29, previously told PEOPLE. “And Jay [Cutler], my husband, is so supportive and so great about the whole thing that he always makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.”

“I’ve never been like, ‘I have to get back in shape, I need to do this.’ I’m just like, ‘You know what, it will happen when it happens,’ ” she said. “I still have a fat roll that hangs over my jeans. I’m okay with it. Because it is my third time, I know that eventually it does come off, and so I’m not stressing about it.”

Still, she tries to work out four days a week with a trainer, who runs Cavallari though circuit training – a mix of weight lifting and cardio.

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And she revamped her diet during her first pregnancy with son Camden to focus on all-natural foods, a change from her Hills days of eating low-fat foods all week and then binging on the weekends.

“It was a time to eat well and eat smart, and even indulge in food that was forever off-limits in my pre-pregnancy life, including ‘fattening’ things like cheese and pasta,” Cavallari wrote in her book, Balancing in Heels. “I decided not to look at calories but instead to read ingredient labels and to reevaluate my ideas about avoiding so-called fattening foods.”

“No matter what, I would eat only real food, no processed, chemical-laden junk. If it was good quality, real food, I would give in to cravings and enjoy every second.”