Kim Kardashian West Posts Throwback Video to Her Post-North Body: 'It's Still Motivating to Me'

The reality star says she's made it through 42 lbs. of her 70 lb. weight loss goal

Photo: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It’s a post-baby body #ThrowbackThursday motivation for Kim Kardashian West!

The reality star is throwing it back to when she finally felt like she had lost that last bit of pregnancy weight after having daughter North, 2.

“I was pretty proud of myself, I had gotten into really good shape,” Kardashian West, 35, says in a video for her website. “I think I had lost all my weight at this point.”

“I just wanted to take some pictures, some selfies, to remember how I felt when I just felt like, ‘Okay I did it, I accomplished it, I am in really good shape and I did it, I lost all that weight.’ ”

And now, 42 lbs. through her 70-lb. weight loss goal after giving birth to son Saint, 3 months, she’s using those old photos as motivation.

“So I look back now, at photos like this that kind of inspire me, and I remember, ‘Okay, I did it then, I can do it now,’ ” Kardashian West says. “And you know, ‘I have to be patient.’ ”

“This was a year after I had North, I think, you know it’s still motivating to me, when you think you’re so far off from your goal, it just kind of shows you, ‘You can do it, it’ll just take time, so you focused and don’t let anything get you off track.’ ”

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And Kardashian West is staying on course – on Monday she posted that she’s “Wearing my old workout clothes! They fit again.”

Kardashian West is following the Atkins 40 plan, which allows more carbs than the classic Atkins program. Along with an Atkins nutritionist, Kardashian West is limiting her weight loss to 2 lbs. a week so she can keep up her milk supply for breastfeeding.

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