Kim Kardashian's Trainer Shares Her Secrets for Getting Back in Shape After Pregnancy

Melissa Alcantara is sharing her wisdom about how to reduce stretch marks and tighten up loose belly skin post pregnancy

Photo: Melissa Alcantara/Instagram

Kim Kardashian‘s trainer Melissa Alcantara has a few tips on getting back in shape after giving birth.

The former bodybuilder — who previously revealed to PEOPLE that she gained 70 lbs. when pregnant with her daughter Isabella, now 6 — shared her wisdom about how to reduce stretch marks and tighten up loose belly skin post pregnancy in an illuminating social media post.

“This is a topic I get asked about all the time,” she wrote before launching into her first tip.

“Don’t go on a fad diet and lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks,” she began, explaining that losing weight gradually, “½-1 lb. per week” actually reduces your risk of developing stretch marks.

She also advised to “stop yo-yo dieting,” adding that getting trapped in a cycle of gaining and than losing weight “is terrible not only on your hormones but on the elasticity of your skin.”

Alcantara also told her followers to make sure to drink plenty of water. “Drink 90oz-1 gallon of water a day,” she wrote. “Really helps keep the skin moisturized and elastic.”

In terms of actual workouts, Alcantara suggests “weight or resistance training.”

“Building muscle fills out the skin and gives roundness and fullness to your physique,” she explained.

Finally, Alcantara shared that one of the best tips she could share was simply to “be patient.”

“It took me a long effing time to get my skin to come remotely close to what I had pre-pregnancy,” she wrote. “So do all of the above every single day and just chill.”

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Alcantara previously gave PEOPLE the rundown of how she began working for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in the first place.

“They were like, ‘Are you available to train Kim on Monday?’” the former bodybuilder explained. “I was like, ‘Of course I’m available!’ And it went from there.”

Within days, Alcantara met Kardashian and the pair hit it off. Soon Alcantara was relocating to Los Angeles where she began training Kardashian full time, putting the reality star on a weight training program and a diet of healthy whole foods.

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“Kim told me, ‘I love my body. I love the way it looks and I love my hips,’” said Alcantara. “She just wanted more muscle. She wanted bigger hamstrings, which accentuates the entire leg. And she wants those cut arms and abs!”

These days Alcantara heads to Kim’s home six days a week at 6 a.m. for workouts focusing on specific body parts: shoulders, biceps/triceps, and chest/back, as well as three days devoted to legs. They also do cardio — either short bursts of high intensity, or longer, low-intensity walks.

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When it comes to nutrition, Alcantara works with Kardashian’s team of chefs, sending recipes and meal plans to ensure that the star is eating a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

A typical day might feature Alcantara’s blueberry oatmeal pancakes for breakfast (“Kim loves them!”); chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies for lunch; and fish and veggies for dinner. “Kim told me the other day, ‘This is the most vegetables I’ve ever eaten!’ ”

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