Kim Kardashian West Is Dedicated to Losing Her 'Last 20 lbs.' of Baby Weight: 'This Time I'm Eating Differently'

The reality star says she is using the Atkins diet to lose weight

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Kim Kardashian West is on a diet to shed her baby weight, and she’s taking it very seriously.

It was 2:30 am Saturday morning and Kardashian West was about to leave Las Vegas’ Hakkasan nightclub, where she’d been at for that last hour. During that time, she didn’t have a drop alcohol to drink, despite the fact that bottles of top shelf liquor were an arm’s length away.

No, she’s not pregnant, nor is she much of a drinker anyway. She’s just really, really militant about her diet so that she can drop 20 more lbs. that she says she’s gained during her pregnancy with her son, Saint.

“I gained a lot of weight and I have a lot to lose,” she told reporters early Saturday morning, but she added that she’s starting to feel comfortable in her own skin.

“I definitely feel good to a place where I feel comfortable again and things are starting to fit,” she said. “This time I think weight has come off quicker than last time because I kind of learned how to eat better. Last time I worked out a little bit harder. This time I’m eating differently.”

Kardashian West said she’s doing the Atkins diet to help her shed pounds. She recently started working out in addition to eating a heavy dose of protein while eschewing sugars and carbs.

“I think the mix of the two will really help out this last 20 lbs. fly off,” she said. “I’m praying.”

On Saturday morning, Kardashian West hosted the three-year anniversary party at Hakkasan, a party she attended with pals Simon Huck, Malika Haaq and others.

In the club, the reality star took selfies for fans and hung out in a VIP area adjacent to where DJ Ruckus was playing a mix of hip hop and house music.

A source tells PEOPLE that she “was in really good spirits, a little flustered from her plane delay and hurting her ankle but in typical Kim fashion business was first and she was a pro working the crowd.” (Kardashian West had previously documented her plane delay issue and hurt ankle on Snapchat earlier in the night.)

“She danced to hip hop,” the source continued. “She and Malika kept taking selfies on other people s phones.”

Kardashian West said she flew into Vegas for the party after putting her kids to sleep and reading them a bedtime story. She planned on being home before they woke up.

With two kids, though, the reality star admitted that there are times when things don’t go entirely smoothly.

“My daughter is still in the little jealous phase and that’s really hard for me because she gets so jealous when I try to do anything with [Saint,] so I sneak moments with him or have my husband entertain her, and I have to separate it sometimes,” she said.

However, when Kourtney Kardashian‘s three children are around, North usually eases up on the jealousy.

“North gets into the grove and realizes that it’s all going to be OK,” Kardashian West said. “There’s enough attention and love for everybody.”

With additional reporting by MARIA MERCEDES LARA

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