Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden tells PEOPLE about Waff, an inflatable fitness product that Khloé Kardashian uses for workouts during her pregnancy

By Grace Gavilanes
January 15, 2018 05:37 PM

A quick scan of Khloé Kardashian‘s social media feeds shows us that the expectant star is still keeping up with her exercise routine during her pregnancy — providing added motivation for those who are still gearing up to take on their new year’s resolutions.

So, how does the reality star stay strong with a baby on board? Aside from lifting weights in her at-home gym, Kardashian turns to Waff, an inflatable device that resembles a pool float and is a favorite of celebrities and athletes alike.

Trainer Ashley Borden, who appears on two episodes of Kardashian’s E! series Revenge Body this season, spoke to PEOPLE about the many benefits of Waff.

“It adds a level of full-body fire that you have never felt before,” Borden said of the Waff, adding that it’s one of her favorite workout tools.

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The Waff may be lightweight (it is inflatable, after all), but Borden says the product adds an extra layer of difficulty to every movement because you have to keep your balance. Plus, she says, it’s great for people who are new to working out or are susceptible to injuries.

“Slowing movements down reduces change for injury, but more importantly helps to identify where your balance, strength and bio-mechanical weaknesses are hiding,” Borden says.

Want to give it a go? Remember these two tips before trying out Waff: Go slower than you initially intended to go (safety comes first!) and use it near something sturdy, like a wall, to catch yourself if you fall.

Keep scrolling for an exclusive workout using two Waff minis (the company’s smallest offerings), courtesy of Borden.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Stand on two Waff minis and repeat these three moves for four rounds:

Waff Mini Squat: 30-60 seconds of squats
Stand on the Waff and do regular squats. Then move to squats using a person to help you move up and down. For the last set of squats, place a chair or bench behind you and sit down with each squat.

Waff Mini Forearm or Hand Plank Hold with three variations: 30-60 second hold
Start with the Waff under your forearms for the first hold, then move it under your feet, ending with the double burn: a Waff mini under the forearms AND the feet!

Waff Single leg touch: 30 seconds Right Leg, 30 seconds Left Leg
Stand on a Waff with one leg, keeping the other leg in the air and sightly bent. Sit back with your hips into a one-legged squat and slowly touch your arm to your kneecap. Repeat with the opposite leg and arm. Focus your vision on a solid object to maintain your balance.