Fans of Khloé Kardashian's toned tush can follow her trainer Don Brooks' Matrix Method workout specifically geared toward tightening the butt


While you may never be a Kardashian, one of the reality TV family’s fittest members is happily sharing the secrets to her toned tush.

In a new Khlo-Fit video on her app, Khloé Kardashian‘s trainer, Don Brooks, breaks down his workout that’s guaranteed to “lift the booty.”

With the help of pilates instructor Shannon Nadj, the Don-a-Matrix founder walks app subscribers through his Matrix Method, which includes four quarters, with two exercises a quarter, each done for three sets.

The first exercise in the first quarter is a basic lunge, repeated 20 times on each side. The series is then repeated on a Bosu ball, this time with only 10 reps on each side.

In the second set of the first quarter, Nadj jumps laterally into the squat position, repeating the move with 20 reps on each side. Again, the exercise is repeated on the Bosu ball.

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Moving on to the second quarter, Nadj does dynamic squats for 20 reps, before repeating the exercise on the Bosu ball for an additional 20 reps.

The second set of the second quarter is jump switch lunges. Nadj jumps three times and lands in a lunge, repeating 20 times on each side. This move is also repeated on the Bosu ball for 20 reps.

Brooks teases that the rest of the workout is coming in a later clip.

Kardashian has become somewhat of a workout guru in recent years, often showing off her killer figure on social media.

She’s previously employed some of her other fitness teammembers to help her app users work toward shaping up their own derrieres.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson recommended lunges as a butt-shaping move, as well, in a previous Khlo-Fit video.

“On a twisting lunge, you’re working transverse plane, rotational plane,” he explained. “You’re blasting calves, you’re hitting glutes. Up here [in the monkey row] you’re getting shoulders, and obviously a little bit of biceps, plus by being upright, you’re automatically activating your core.”