Khloé Kardashian Gave Tips For Looking 'Thin AF' in Photos — And Her Fans Aren't Happy

The pregnant reality star is facing backlash over the divisive tips


Khloé Kardashian is facing backlash over some of her photography tips.

The pregnant Revenge Body star posted a new article to her app titled “5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Pics,” and was met with swift backlash over the content from celebrities and fans.

One of the tips Kardashian provides is to “hide behind your BFFs,” explaining that by hiding yourself behind others in the photo “you can literally halve yourself by strategically cozying up to your peeps.” Another tip suggested to “only allow your photographer to shoot from above,” adding that “if they shoot from beneath, you might as well have had like ten cheat days in a row.”

The other tips in the list included sticking your chin out, making your arms and shoulders “werk,” and wearing black or vertical stripes in photos.

Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Kardashian, who celebrated her baby shower on Saturday, promoted the list on her social media accounts on Friday and was met with immediate criticism over the content. Jameela Jamil from NBC’s The Good Place accused Kardashian on Twitter of perpetuating self esteem issues in girls.

“WTF Khloe?” Jamil wrote. “Girls keep sending me this screen shot and saying it’s making them feel bad. Unfollow ANYONE who stirs low self esteem in you. Make Instagram a safe space for yourself rather than a trap of pointless poison.”

Fans of Kardashian also chimed in on Twitter to air their frustrations with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star over the tips.

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Kardashian’s body was also a topic of conversation among her followers on two separate occasions in January and February, when she posted about missing her pre-pregnancy body. Her fans responded with words of encouragement, telling the star to enjoy her pregnancy while it lasts.

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