Kevin Hart Teams Up with Nike for Latest Spontaneous 5k Run in Brooklyn – Sign Up to Join Him!

The comedian is taking his spontaneous 5k runs to Brooklyn this weekend

Photo: David Goldman/AP

Kevin Hart is a lean, mean, running machine.

The comedian, 36, is headed to Brooklyn, New York, this weekend where he will host another one of his spontaneous 5k runs – and he needs fans in the area to hit the pavement with him.

In a partnership with the Nike Run Club, Hart will lead an impromptu 3.1-mile race that will kick off in Prospect Park at 9:34 a.m. on Saturday, he announced via Twitter on Wednesday. (And it’s not too late to sign up here!)

Hart – who is in the New York City area performing comedy shows at Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center – Tweeted, “Breaking news people: Since I’m performing at the Barclays 2morrow 4 the 1st time, I’ve decided to take my spontaneous 5K run to Brooklyn.”

“My goal is to make this the BIGGEST run yet I’ve teamed up with Nike & together we plan on making this 5K event EPIC,” he wrote in a follow-up Tweet.

Hart began rallying fans to join him for spontaneous runs (unofficial races sans race numbers, medals, etc.) in various cities where he was filming movies earlier this summer.

In June, he gathered hundreds in Boston and then headed South to jog around Atlanta, Georgia. The actor-producer has been using the app Periscope to broadcast his workouts, encouraging his followers to either partake or simply watch the fit funnyman in action on the web. (It appears his run locations correspond with his WHAT NOW? Tour, so keep an eye out for more opportunities to hustle with Hart in future stops like Sacremento, Dallas and Kansas City.)

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The self-described “full-fledged workout guy” is certainly improving his relationship with running. (He recently said he spent workouts “battling” the treadmill.)

And Hart told PEOPLE in April, “I’m not a big runner, but I try to make sure I put some time in on that mill. I run anywhere from 2 to 3 miles a day.”

But don’t be discouraged if come Saturday you have trouble keeping up: The star spends 60 to 90 minutes weight training or doing CrossFit workouts daily and only takes off every other Sunday.

“I’m small!” the 5’4″ Hart, who is also a healthy eater, joked. “I have to [be in shape]. You can’t be small and have a little frame. You’ve got to have something.”

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