Kelly Ripa talks about her favorite workout, SoulCycle classes, and how she gets her ripped body
Kelly Ripa
Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Kelly Ripa‘s clubbing days are behind her now — so instead of sweating on the dance floor, the TV host prefers hitting up SoulCycle for back-to-back classes.

“This is my version of the club,” she tells Style of Sport. “It’s the only place I feel really comfortable and where I have sort of found my ‘tribe’ to coin a phrase.”

Ripa, 46, took her first class with popular instructor Stacey Griffith, and fell in love.

“She really paid attention to my first ride, and I thought, ‘This is for me,’ because it’s a group atmosphere but you get one-on-one attention,” Ripa says. “It’s almost like a private training session in a large group.”

Ripa enjoys the classes so much that she’ll happily take two in a row — what experiences SoulCyclers call doing a “double.”

“You know when you’re in the club and the DJ gets to the really good part? You don’t just pick up your shoes and go home. You go, ‘I just have to get a sip of water and I’ll be right back.’ And that’s what the double is,” Ripa explains. “You have to treat your first class like it’s your only class or you’ll half-step it through going ‘Well, I’ve got that second class.’ ”

Other than spinning, Ripa takes classes at AKT — Anna Kaiser Technique — or goes running.

“It’s cardio dance training, and then we do a lot of resistance bands and we do a lot of heavier weights. So I do the majority of my muscle building there,” she says. “I also run a lot. My son [Michael, 19] runs cross country for college so I run after him.”

“I like to say we started running together and I used to drag him. It was like dragging a puppy on a leash. Then he started running where I was saying ‘Wait, wait, wait up. I can’t keep up with you.’ Now we start together and he says, ‘I’ll see you back home.’ ”

But her daughter Lola, 15, has no interest in working out with mom.

“Lola never wants to spin with me. She wants to spin, but just not with me in the class,” Ripa laments. ‘She’ll say, “What you’re in Stacey’s class too?’ She’s mortified.”

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Regardless of what her kids think, for Ripa exercise is a welcome stress-reliever.

“It just centers me,” she says. “It gives me things that I don’t even know I need when I need them. I think that’s why this is such a happy place for me, because when I’m exhausted or when I’m tired or I feel unfocused or I’m in a bad mood, I come here and it vanishes.”