Kelly Ripa Says She's a 'Work in Progress' as She Gets Back in the Gym and Shows Off Her Abs  

The morning show host is loyal to trainer Anna Kaiser’s dance cardio workouts

Kelly Ripa gym
Kelly Ripa. Photo: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Kelly Ripa has finally been able to get back in the gym after months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and she's ready to get to "work."

The co-host of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, 50, was reunited with her longtime trainer Anna Kaiser last week and is now back to doing the dance cardio workouts she loves.

On Tuesday morning, Ripa shared a photo of herself in one of the intense classes at Anna Kaiser Studios. The mom of three is showing off her ripped abs in a crop top and spandex shorts as she lays on a box with a weight underneath her back.

"Work in progress," she captioned the photo, which she posted to her Instagram Story.

Ripa has worked with Kaiser for about 11 years, and has said that the trainer's Anna Kaiser Technique — or AKT — classes, are her strength training.

"It's cardio dance training, and then we do a lot of resistance bands and we do a lot of heavier weights. So I do the majority of my muscle building there," she said in 2017.

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Pre-pandemic, Ripa would typically head to Kaiser's studio four times a week for a "really hard hour" of circuit-based interval training twice a week, 90-minute dance-based interval training once a week, and a day that combines 45 minutes of toning followed by 45 minutes of cardio, Kaiser told PEOPLE in 2016.

"It's really important for her to switch it up, so alternating types of workouts, and alternating contractions in the muscles, both for her mind and for her body," Kaiser said of Ripa.

With exercise studios in New York City closed during the pandemic, Ripa was working out at home every day and sticking to a mostly plant-based diet to keep up her energy, she told PEOPLE in September ahead of her 50th birthday.

"The older I get and the more nutritionists that we've had on the show and the more I work out with my trainer, they all say the same thing. It's 80 percent nutrition and it's 20 percent fitness," she said. "Now that I'm on the eve of 50, it really is so true that it's the nutrition thing that really is ... It's what forces the exercise, right? So if you don't have proper nutrition, you don't have the energy to exercise."

Ripa said that she makes her health a priority, both for herself and the people around her.

"There are so many people that count on me," she says. "Not just my work friends and my children, but my parents, my in-laws and there are people that rely on me for certain things. And so I just like to stay as healthy as possible. And that has been really the benefit for me of knowing that I am fortified internally."

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