Kellan Lutz Maintains His Super-Hot Body by Eating a Whole Chicken

Kellan Lutz reveals some of his health and fitness secrets

Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

When it comes to Kellan Lutz‘s diet, protein is key.

The Twilight actor – who happens to be in amazing shape – is helping Mr. Clean find #TheNextMrClean and shared with PEOPLE how he keeps his top-notch physique.

“Diet is big time – you gotta feed your body, you gotta feed your muscles, you gotta eat healthy,” Lutz said at a New York City casting call for the next face of Mr. Clean. “For me, it’s a lot of protein. I love meat. Just getting a whole chicken and eating that.”

Lutz, 31, also revealed a piece of advice he got from the legendary Sylvester Stallone on how to look as good as possible.

“I remember Sylvester Stallone taught me all about working out the silhouette of your body,” Lutz said. “Mr. Clean doesn’t take his shirt off, so really you just got look big – it’s more size.”

Lutz added that the most important part of perfecting the silhouette is working out “shoulders, the top back and your chest.”

The hunky star is meticulous about his physique, and he recently tweeted a photo showing him working his arms on parallel bars as his brother holds his feet behind him.

“Brothers helping brothers. That’s what it’s all about! No better better workout partner! #workoutwednesday,” Lutz wrote.

Lutz also showed off his body at Coachella earlier this year and posted an Instagram clip of him on a stationary bike a few days prior.

“Try this in your next workout! Dumbbell curls, with a shoulder press, while riding an exercise bike,” he wrote.

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