Kayla Lochte Has Her Breast Implants Removed After They Made Her Sick: 'I Was Drowning'

The model and wife of swimmer Ryan Lochte said that the implants appeared to be leaking into her body

Kayla Lochte is immediately feeling better after getting her "deflated" breast implants removed.

The former Playboy model and wife of swimmer Ryan Lochte has been struggling the last few years with a long list of health problems — everything from memory loss to depression, suicidal thoughts, bladder issues, swollen lymph nodes, vision issues and low libido — that led her to seek out help from multiple doctors in search of a cause. After a litany of tests, medications, treatments and therapy sessions, it became clear that she likely has BII, or breast implant illness, and needed to have her implants removed.

"2020 was a scary year for my health and mental wellness which I pray to never relive again," Lochte, 29, wrote on Instagram. "I tend to be open about my struggles [and] I kept a smile on as much as I could but I felt a lot of shame and embarrassment to have so much to be thankful for — yet I was drowning. I was afraid of myself, my thoughts and didn't know how I could continue to live feeling the way that I was."

Kayla Lochte
Kayla Lochte. Kayla Lochte/ instagram

On Wednesday, Lochte underwent a successful surgery to remove her implants, though doctors discovered a worrying issue.

"Surgery went well," she told followers on her Instagram Story. "I wasn't able to keep my implants, I wanted to take them home with me, but they think that—well, both of them were deflated, one more than the other, so they think that they were possibly leaking inside of me, so they have to send them back to the manufacturer."

Kayla Lochte
Kayla Lochte. Kayla Lochte/ instagram

Still, Lochte said that she immediately started to improve once her implants were out. Doctors noticed that the dark circles under her eyes were gone, and her skin tone quickly improved, "which is just so crazy," she said.

The mom to daughter Liv Rae, 1, and son Caiden Zane, 3, gave another update the next morning, and said she's already seen major changes in her body.

"I have like, oil back in my skin. I haven't put moisturizer on in over 24 hours. I also normally pee like three times a night, just because that's one of the symptoms, you are just constantly having to go pee. I didn't pee at all last night, and I've been drinking water, it's just so crazy. I slept so good. I felt like it looked like I was just slowly dying with these bags and stuff, and now they're like, gone. It's just crazy. Also, I used to have this huge lymph node in my neck, it was like a walnut, it just stuck out, and it's completely down."

"It's insanity, how much it was affecting me and how sick they were making me," she said.

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Lochte urged any followers who also have implants and are dealing with mysterious health problems to consider getting them removed.

"If you're having any of these symptoms please just look into it, and, I don't know, consider it, because how much better you can feel," she said.

Lochte thanked her doctors, Ryan, family and friends, and her followers for their support as she went through this process, and as she starts her recovery.

"I'm still tired and groggy, I'm taking medicine and stuff and I'm still in a little pain, so, my healing journey starts now."

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