The fitness pro helps you strengthen your whole body with this quickie workout

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines has over 7 million followers for a reason. Her workouts transform her clients’ and followers’ bodies (see her Instagram for before-and-after proof), yet they’re totally doable for people of all fitness levels. Itsines likes high-intensity interval training, and this workout above is no different. It will get your sweating in no time, and it hits all the major muscle groups.

This is a tough circuit you can do when you have minimal time. You can do it anywhere and continue longer than seven minutes if you feel up to it. All you need is a kettlebell or dumbbell, a small box, and an (optional) yoga mat.

Follow along here—or on the SWEAT app, which has more workouts by Kayla, yogi Sjana Elise, and trainer extraordinaire Kelsey Wells—and get ready to sweat!

First move: Weighted sumo squat

Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and hold it by the top with two hands. Start with your feet wider than your hips, and squat down with the kettlebell between your legs in front of you. Your knees should face outward. Repeat 12 reps.

Second move: Weighted bent leg jackknife

Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell. Lie on your mat (or the floor) with your arms stretched out behind you and the weight in your hands, your feet stretched out in front of you. Bend your knees into your chest while bringing the weight up to meet your knees, with your knees eventually going through your elbows. Then stretch back out again. Complete 12 times.

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Third move: Incline pushup

Grab a sturdy box and place it at the end of your mat (or floor). With your hands on the box and your feet on the mat, lower into a pushup, your elbows going back behind you. Complete 12 reps.

Continue this circuit for seven minutes. This full-body workout will give you an immediate energy boost and help build strength over time.