Kathy Griffin Goes Skinny Dipping to Celebrate Being Cancer Free: 'Shaking My Boobs and Butt'

"6 month lung cancer scan is CLEAN!!! No more #cancer," the comedian wrote on Twitter months after first revealing her cancer diagnosis in August 2021

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin. Photo: Mike Ruiz

Kathy Griffin is cancer-free and celebrating it!

The comedian and actress posted a funny video on Twitter Saturday of her celebrating being free of lung cancer by going skinny dipping.

"6 month lung cancer scan is CLEAN!!! No more #cancer," Griffin tweeted. "And yes, i'm skinny dipping in the pool while shaking my boobs and butt. SO WHAT?"

In the video, Griffin, 61, can be seen completely nude in a pool with her back turned to the camera.

Upon first revealing her lung cancer diagnosis in August 2021, Griffin told Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel that she had undergone a successful surgery. Months later during her Nov. 30 appearance on the late night show, she announced she was cancer-free.

"I'm cancer free!" Griffin exclaimed as the studio audience cheered and applauded.

"I had surgery, you're not going to believe this — so, I've never smoked but I got lung cancer. In August, I had half of my left lung removed. I'm not even kidding," she told Kimmel, 54, before explaining that her voice was temporarily altered by an intubation tube affecting her vocal cord.

"So now I'm like Minnie Mouse meets Marilyn Monroe," said Griffin.

"It will heal, but I'm sort of enjoying it. I'm a good two octaves higher, I think," she said at the time, before joking, "it's higher than Mariah Carey, I know that."

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