Kate Upton Works Out Post-Baby with a 'Mixture of Spit-Up and Sweat All Over My Body'

Kate Upton is back to her workouts after giving birth to her first child, even if it means being covered in 'spit-up and sweat'

Photo: Kate Upton/Instagram

Exercise looks a little different for Kate Upton these days!

The Sports Illustrated model gave birth to her first child, daughter Genevieve, on Nov. 7, and now she’s more than just sweaty at the end of a workout.

“Just finished week two, day three of Strong4Me fitness,” Upton, 26, said in her Instagram story on Wednesday. “I had to put on this puppy filter to make me feel cute because I’ve got a mixture of spit-up and sweat all over my body.”

Upton got back to working out a little over a month after she and her husband, MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, welcomed Genevieve to the family. She posted about her first day of workouts on Dec. 11.

“Just finished week 1 day 1 of @strong4mefit workouts!” she wrote on Instagram. “Feeling sweaty but motivated! So glad I can start my #fitnessjourney to get strong again right in my living room. My baby girl can sleep while I fit in a quick 30-min. workout.”

Strong4Me is Upton’s new 12-week fitness plan that she formulated with her longtime trainer, Ben Bruno. Upton previously told PEOPLE that she wanted a way for anyone to try out the workouts that transformed her body from the comfort of their own home.

“It was important to me to share the exact program I’ve personally been using with Ben because it has been sustainable, and helps me to feel strong, confident, and healthy!” she said at the start of December.

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Upton said that with Bruno’s help, she’s completely changed her mindset about exercising.

“My perspective on working out has changed from wanting to fit into a certain dress size and hit certain measurements, to working out to feel healthy, strong, and energized for my lifestyle,” she said. “It is rewarding to have a routine that I can keep up consistently and something that is not a quick fix or fad.”

Upton kept up her workouts for most of her pregnancy, minus a month when she had to stop because she “was so tired and there was so much trouble.”

But for the most part, exercising helped.

“I’ve been completely trying to stay healthy and work out through the pregnancy, and doing the best I can,” she told PEOPLE in September. “It makes me feel better, honestly.”

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